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The auditing, evaluation and certification processes contribute to the development of our clients’ business.


Management Systems Certification d.o.o. is a leading national certification body.

Quality Policy Statement

Management Systems Certification d.o.o. is dedicated to providing the service of certifying management systems while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, objectivity and impartiality. Achieving impartiality is the dominant requirement of our work and for this purpose, a committee for ensuring impartiality has been formed. In our work, we must build and constantly be a symbol of trust and partnership in the field of management system certification. Realizing the importance of our decisions, we are uncompromising in our efforts to:

  1. Ensure that the principles of impartiality and independence are respected throughout all phases and activities in the certification process by all those involved in it. We are focused on managing conflicts of interest through the clear identification of all possible relationships that create threats to impartiality, and see the elimination or minimization of such threats as a prerequisite the realization of all other principles and actions arising from them;
  2. Create added value for our clients through the creation of internal and external confidence in their implemented systems;
  3. Provide services of the highest quality through the proven expertise of our staff;
  4. Ensure the confidentiality of information of our clients;
  5. Take the feedback of our clients very seriously and use it as a basis for improving our own system;
  6. Constantly improve the knowledge and skill of our employees based on the latest developments and trends in this area;
  7. Create an environment which encourages innovation and mutual trust and recognize individual and group achievements, while respecting the integrity of our employees;
  8. Make the results and effects of our work available to stakeholders;
  9. Base our work on the respect of legal provisions and the requirements of the accreditation body, as well as the relevant standards.

Management Systems Certification d.o.o. continuously improves its management system and evaluates its own results by constantly reviewing the level to which it fulfils the requirements and expectations of stakeholders.


Managing director
Nedeljko Živković, PhD
Belgrade, 2012-02-24



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