Management Systems Certification d.o.o. provides certification of:

  • quality management system (according to SRPS ISO 9001:2015),
  • environmental management systems (according to SRPS ISO 14001:2015),
  • occupational health and safety management system (according to SRPS ISO 45001:2018),


  • food safety management system (according to SRPS EN ISO 22000:2018),
  • information safety management system (according to SRPS ISO/IEC 27001:2014),
  • energy management system (according to  SRPS EN ISO 50001:2018),
  • SRPS EN ISO 22301:2020,
  • SRPS ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018,
  • SRPS ISO 37001:2017,
  • SRPS EN ISO 17100:2017,
  • SRPS EN 14065:2017,
  • SRPS EN ISO 22716:2011,
  • HACCP system (according to CAC/RC 1-1969, Rev. 4 2003),

for approved accreditation scope. Details on our accreditation can be found here.

In addition to certification of the management system, Management Systems Certification d.o.o. also offers the auditing and evaluation of suppliers according to various criteria (ISO standards, industry standards, contracts, etc.).

Management Systems Certification d.o.o. offers training for internal auditors of management systems according to your needs in terms of duration, place and time of training. 

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